Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue Inc
Nash Nicki with one of the horses at FalconRidge David Lee Archer Jordan Tonka

About Us

FalconRidge Ranch was founded in 2002 by Nicki Branch and David Lee Archer. Nicki rode hunters and jumpers as a teen and was a professional groom for Jimmy Williams and Rob Gage back in the 70's. David is a professional horse trainer of 40 years and gives clinics nationwide. Privately funded by themselves and special donors in the past, the rescue incorporated officially as FalconRidge Equine Rescue, Inc. in 2007.

FalconRidge Ranch

Wanting to help the plight of horses, Nicki adopted her first rescue horse, Lucky Nash in 2000. Nash was an Arabian from New York who lived his entire 5 years of life in a stall inside a dilapidated barn. Focusing on the horses that were the most unwanted, such as blind, swaybacked, or deformed horses, Nicki also found a great need for someone to take on the severely abused, behavior problem, or dangerous horses who were faced with being euthanized. Nicki has worked with equine rescues nationwide, including the Equine Protection Network and Equine Rescue, Inc.

David Lee Archer is a professional trainer, clinician, author and amazing friend to the horse. His book Be True To Your Horse offers the best of natural horsemanship training methods and shows how easy it is to get horses to understand what humans want. Combining David's effective training methods with Nicki's nationwide rescue efforts, FalconRidge was created as an innovative and efficient equine rescue, sanctuary and educational training center in San Diego County for both humans and horses. The ranch was named FalconRidge for the many falcons and hawks that fly overhead daily.


  • Dr. Linda Byer, All Equine Healthcare
  • Dr. Stephen Colburn, Creekside Veterinary Service
  • Dr. Jeff Moss, Creekside Veterinary Service
  • Dr. Andrew Walker, Creekside Veterinary Service

Veterinary Equine Specialists & Surgeons

  • Dr. Joe Cannon, San Luis Rey Equine Hospital
  • Dr. Barry Grant, San Luis Rey Equine Hospital
  • Dr. Sandra Valdez, San Luis Rey Equine Hospital

Equine Chiropractic Services

  • Dr. Don Moore
  • Dr. Butch Quay

Feed Services

  • Carter's Hay and Grain
  • Purina Ultium

Wound & Skin Care

  • Equine Elite Labs

Community Organizations Served

  • Valley Center Day of the Horse
  • Valley Center High School Workability Program
  • Valley Center Vaqueros
  • Amity Foundation

Affiliation Organizations

  • Best Friends Sanctuary
  • Wild Horse & Burro Expo
  • The Mustang Heritage Foundation


  • United States Equestrian Federation

FalconRidge in the News

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